Under the leadership of Dr. K Sudhakar, several NGOs’ came together as “Erodai”. They cleaned the canals of Erode in Sep 2015 - Perumpallam and Pichaikarapallam odais - that were not desilted for the past 40years, with a vision to prevent the waterborne disease with the National Water Mission. Also, the timely dredging of the odais saved a lot of lives and houses in Oct 2015 flood.


Dredged and desilted GaniRowther Kulam along with Erode Corporation and recreated the 14-acre water body ensuring groundwater percolation aiding in preventing a huge water crisis in that area. 45 km stretch of the main LBP canal was cleaned up after 40 years ensuring water flows freely to the end farmer fulfilling their water needs. Cleaned 25km of the Kalingarayan canal and ensured proper flow during water release into the canals.


Providing free treatment for the people in old age homes and to all needy people. Supporting Orphanages, by sending Rs.5000 every month to 5 orphanages in Erode District.

Recreated Surampatti Anaikattu, which is a check dam opened by Hon'ble Kakkan in 1962, it became a barren piece of land with encroachments. Erodai dredged and desilted the dam and ensured a 12-acre water body is restored following which water is now flowing in the canals for Agriculture.


Erodai has adopted over 60+blind homeless people and provided them with a safe infrastructure. Also, the team desilted and cleaned 25 km of the Kalingarayan canal along with its branches and had to stop work as the water was released for farming. Thamizhaga vivasayigal Sangam did alteration work in Surampatti anaikattu funded by Erodai, which caused an increase in height of the check dam thus increasing its storage capacity.

Donated 100 dustbins to Erode bus stations as a part of world environment day for segregating degradable and non-degradable trash collection. Also initiated a project named “Suzhal” for collection of unused or overused materials like books, clothes, etc, and distribute them to the needy. He joined hands in the cancer awareness rally in Erode and continues to support improving the environment of Erode to prevent ailments and diseases.



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